Tickets/Sponsorship Information:

Option 1: Go Directly to The Theater Website ( )

Find the Link for My Show and follow the instructions. You will be asked to select your seats.

The seats for both performances are "tiered". Prices range from $100 for VIP Seating all the way to $30.00

If you hover over the seats you will show the price of those seats.


Select your seat(s) and follow the instructions to checkout.

Please Note: Make sure you select seats for the performance you want.

The Friday Show ( 9/8/23 ) is @ 7:30 pm and The Sunday Matinee Show 9/10/23 ) is @ 2 pm.

All tickets are paperless. When you arrive at will just give them your name.


Option 2: "Beloved Friends" Sponsorship

This allows you to support this show if you can't attend. I will list your name(s) in the program,

in addition to The Pre-Show Video Reel that will run prior to the performance.

I will donate your tickets to my awesome Rush Hospital Medical Team.

Let me know how many tickets you would like to purchase @ 50.00 each.

You can call me directly on my cell @ 773.415.6393 to charge to your credit card.

You can Zelle... using this same cell phone number.

Please Note: If using Zelle, it could appear as my name or my husband ( Jorge Izaguirre )

I will email you when I receive the Zelle.

You can mail a Check ( made payable to John Mahady ) to me directly at :

John Vincent Mahady

245 11th St.

Unit D

Wheeling IL 60090

Please Note: If mailing a check...please email me when mailing out I can look out for it.

The USPS isn't as reliable as it used to be. I will email you back when I receive it.


Option 3: Executive Producer Sponsorship

Executive Producer Sponsorship ( $500.00 )- Limited Quantity

Mail Check to : See above info

Please email me if Mailing a Check ( payable to John Mahady ) so I can confirm I received…

especially with all the issues with United States Postal Service.

Zelle : 773.415.6393   Credit Card: Call 773.415.6393

Please Indicate Which Performance ( 9/8/23 7:30 pm or 9/10/23 2:00 pm Matinee )

( 2-$100.00 Reserved Up Front Row Tickets Included / Sponsorship Listed in Show’s Program )





7:30 PM

The front entry of the theater



02:00 PM

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