John Vincent Mahady

John dining

John Vincent Mahady is a talented crooner singer. With his soulful voice and passion for music, he creates unforgettable experiences for his audience.

John performing
THE Rhapsody Theater room view

John also runs a bakery where he brings his love for delicious pastries to life. Explore the unique blend of cabaret music and bakery delights that John offers.

“You’ll be lucky to run into a performer willing to give as much as John Vincent Mahady”

Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune


“ Vincent Van Dough Desserts are truly a slice of heaven”

Terry G., Chicago


“ Come for dinner… Stay for the show! “

Pomeroy Restaurant, Frequent Diner

John's performances are truly mesmerizing. His voice fills the room with emotion and his bakery creations are just as heavenly. A true talent!

Sarah Thompson

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John Vincent Mahady.

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